Dear Reader

Dear reader,

Poetry is indeed a wonderful thing. I do believe in the free sharing of ideas regarding poetry. That is the reason behind my creation of this blog.

Do bear in mind that my interpretations of the poems may be flawed or unintelligible. Hence, I humbly accept any criticism from anyone.

Hope that you, like me, would find joy in understanding poetry 😉


Yuen Kei




About Yuen kei

I am currently at peace now :)
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One Response to Dear Reader

  1. Chan says:

    Hello Yuen Kei. 🙂
    I believe i’ve stumbled across your site whilst googling for C.A. Duffy poem analyses.
    I’d like to say I do enjoy your writing and your take of Duffy’s poems. Do continue on writing and spreading your love and understanding of poetry.

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